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Floorotex Surface Protector

Floorotex is an innovative surface protective product suitable for all types of flooring such as wood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic, carpeting, and even countertops. It is ideal for remodeling jobs as well as new construction. Made of recycled polyester fiber and polyester waterproof / breathable film with an added spray-on adhesive to hold it in place. A must for contractors, painters, furniture movers, and flooring installers.

Installation Instructions:

  • turn off any direct floor heating system before laying 
  • rolls should be laid down and overlapped on each side by about 4 inches
  • protect against direct sunlight
  • areas to be covered must be dry and clean of dirt and trash underneath
  • never use the floor protector material prior to 72 hours after a final finish coat has been applied 

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