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March Madness Code "DUCHATEAU" for 10% OFF ALL Duchateau Orders

WOCA Floor Care System

WOCA Floor Care System

As a product distributor, we value what we use personally in our own homes and what we recommend for our customers. We proudly partner with companies that put their best foot forward when offering safe products for us and our planet. 

This month we are excited to announce that we have added more WOCA products to our website bringing professional-grade products easily to your door. 

WOCA is a sustainable woodcare system rooted in the European style of oil finishing. WOCA oils contain primarily cold-pressed vegetable and aromatic hardening oils that penetrate into the surface of the wood floor and, as they cure, harden to form a very protective surface that becomes part of the wood floor. This means that normal wear and tear, such as small scratches and indentations, do not show up as much as on a floor with a urethane finish. The oil finish will also let the wood floor breathe through its surface.

Dividing their products into categories such as Prepare, Pre-Treatment, and Protect and Finish, allows you to easily assess your needs and the products you need to set you up for success. 

Prepare offers you a WOCA Wood Cleaner to be used before a wood floor is oiled. Recommended to use before the first time or maintenance oiling. WOCA Wood Cleaner opens the grain to ensure maximum penetration from the oil.

The Pre-Treatment is optional but that is your Pre-color product and all of WOCAS colored Lyes. Each Lye could come with different instructions depending on what wood species you are working with so make sure to do your research before choosing a Lye for this step. 

Protect and Finish will be your Diamond Oil Active and Master Color Oil which each comes in different colors. It has an extremely durable wood finish, is plant-based, resistant to liquid, approved for indoor use, low VOC, isocyanate free, and can be used on all wood species. 

Check out this video by City Floor Supply to help gain a visual of how to make the best decision for the look you want and the wood species you are looking to treat. 

We always encourage customers to reach out to us with any of their flooring questions and needs so we can help set you up for success. 

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