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March Madness Code "DUCHATEAU" for 10% OFF ALL Duchateau Orders

Tips to Protect your Wood Floors in the Summer Time

It's Summertime: How to Protect Your Floors!

By following a few easy tips you'll be able to keep your wood looking beautiful all summer long!

1. Regulate your indoor humidity levels so they don't rise too high or fall too low.  Keep your indoor levels between 45-55% and you will help prevent cracking in flooring caused by dryness, as well as moisture damage like rot and mold caused by excessive dampness. If your humidity level is too high, use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture in the air which can damage floors or cause mold growth.  We recommend placing a digital hygrometer on your refrigerator door panel so it is easy to see.  Depending on the size of your home, you may need to place hygrometers in multiple locations. 

2. Keep your floors clean! Be sure any spills are cleaned up immediately.  Vacuuming is preferable to sweeping because it allows the dirt and dust to be pulled from between the boards. Use a vacuum with a bare floor attachment, not a vacuum beater bar, which can damage the hardwood. A canister vacuum is great to have for this type of cleaning. For best results, you should vacuum weekly to ensure your floors receive the proper care they need.

3.   Do not wet mop your hardwood floors.  Instead, lightly spray the area you are trying to clean with hardwood floor cleaner and mop it up with a micro-fiber dust mop.  Instead of buying expensive cleaning products with harsh chemicals that can wear down your floors protective finish overtime, simply make your own! 

Here is our recipe for all natural, non-toxic, hardwood floor cleaner: 

  • 5 parts warm water
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • Add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance. 
  • Breathe Easy!

These simple tips will keep both you and your wood floors happy all summer long!  Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from your friends at!


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