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Prepping For The Holidays

Prepping For The Holidays

The Holiday Season is here! That means lots of hosting and house prepping for you and your future guest. It can feel overwhelming to ensure your whole house is ready for that Holiday dinner or Christmas party, but it doesn’t have to happen all at once. Here are a few tips and floor cleaning products to get you started and keep you on track toward a clean house and a relaxing holiday season.

Make a list and check it twice. 

Starting with a list allows you to know what you have to tackle. It gets your tasks out of your head and into action. Walk through the high-trafficked areas of your home and decide what needs your attention, making notes of what specific chores need to be done. Make sure to delegate certain tasks to other family members in your home to help take more things off your plate. 

Start Small

Prioritize what things need the most attention. The most common areas in hosting in your homes are the kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, and dining areas. You don’t need to tackle your list all at once. Start small and focus on one room or task at a time. This way, it breaks up the chores and creates a manageable timeline that can fit into your daily schedule. For some, it may not be possible with your other responsibilities, but dividing up the work and conquering a few tasks per day can help you complete your list without experiencing burnout.

Work on everyday used areas last

Consider how often the spaces on your list are used and when. Focusing first on the least used/touched spaces helps to avoid cleaning a space twice. Areas such as your windows and corners that need purging can be done days before. Working your way toward highly trafficked areas like your kitchen and living room last on your list to ensure these areas remain clean for your guests. On the big day, you can focus on the little things, like decorations, hand towels, and the front foyer as finishing touches that will help your family and friends feel welcomed.

How to Keep Your Clean House Clean Before the Big Day

You might think, okay, so I get the house clean, but then what? The world won’t stop turning and kids won't stop making messes just because you made your home immaculate, but there are a few ways to keep it ready for the big day.

  • Give yourself several days to prepare. You don’t need to start a month in advance but give yourself a week to ensure you have enough time to assess what needs to be done. 

  • Start with nonessential areas that are easy to get out of the way and check off your list. 

  • Do light pick-ups daily to help the house stay tidy and not overwhelming.

  • Keep up with trash/recycling, cleaning dishes/kitchen after cooking within those seven days.

  • Start prepping the dining area or the main things you will need to serve your guest. Ie: serving dishes, napkins, plates, utensils, etc.

  • Leave your floors till last. Keeping up with sweeping throughout the week helps minimize extra work at the end but a final vacuum/sweep and floor cleaning the night before or the day to ensure fresh floors without having to do it multiple times that week. 

  • Most importantly don't sweat the small stuff and remember to enjoy your holidays with your loved ones with or without a perfectly tidy home.


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